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                   The families living Below the Poverty Line belonging to Rural areas are assisted under this programme – individually as well as in Groups (Self Help Group).  Funds to be received under the scheme are shared by Centre and State Govt. in 75:25 Ratio respectively.  Assistance is provided for income generating activities. After 6 months of the formation of a Self Help Group Rs.10,000/- is provided as Revolving Fund and after completion of 2nd grading (one year) subsidy @ 50% subject to a maximum of Rs.125000/- is provided to a Self Help Group.  An allocation of Rs.90.91 lacs has been made for the year 2005-06 against which we have so far received Rs.37.71 lacs.





                   IAY is a centrally sponsored scheme funded on cost-sharing basis between the GOI and State Govt. in the ratio of 75:25. Under this scheme Rs.25,000/- are provided for construction of a House, Kitchen, Smokeless Chulha and Toilet to a family living Below Poverty Line in rural areas in lump sum.  Against the allocation of Rs.267.50 lacs for the financial year 2005-06, we have so far received Rs.113.43 lacs and  all the funds have been released to the concerned Block Development & Panchayats Officers.




                   The Primary objective of the scheme is to provide additional and supplementary wage employment and thereby provide food security and improve nutritional levels in all rural area. The Secondary objective is the creation of durable community, social and economic assets and infrastructural development in rural area.  Under the scheme rural poor who are in need of wage employment and desire to do manual and unskilled work in and around his village is covered


                   Total funds to be received in the scheme are distributed amongst the Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samities and Zila Parishad in the ratio of 50:30:20.  22.5% of the annual allocation (inclusive of foodgrains) allocated both at the Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samiti level shall be earmarked for individual/group beneficiary scheme for SC familing living below poverty line.


                   Against the allocation of Rs.498.57 lacs we have so far received Rs.192.41 lacs during the financial year 2005-06.





                   The objective of each watershed development project is to promote the economic development of the village community which is directly or indirectly dependent on the watershed and to encourage restoration of ecological balance in the village. It also includes Development of Agri. lands, horticulture, grassland, forest land, soil and water conservation measures, creation of water resources etc.  It is a 4/5 year project and during this period funds amounting to Rs.30.00 lacs for one watershed development project are allocated for different components (works, training, community organization, entry point activity etc.) and an area of 1250 Acres(Approx. 500 Hect) is covered under this project.  Under DDP, we have 4th phase, 5th phase, 6th phase, 7th phase and 8th phase and  Hariyali-1st and Hariyali-2nd .  Under Hariyali-1st and Hariyali-2nd total 21 Watersheds each are to be implemented.  Against the total project cost of Rs.630.00 lacs each, we have so far received Rs.94.50 lacs each.




                   Under this scheme, funds amounting to Rs.2.00 Crores per year are placed at the disposal of a  Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha) of a Parliamentary Constituency.  The scheme is implemented on the guidelines received under the scheme from the Govt. of India.  The funds are released for the works recommended by the concerned M.P. and the works are got executed through the Line Departments/Implementing Agencies like Panchayati Raj, BDPOs, Municipal Committees etc.   Against the allocation of Rs.2.00 Crores each of MP (RS) and MP(LS) we have so far received Rs.1.00 Crores in respect of MP(RS) for the current financial year.




                   The Planning Commission, Govt.of India has launched a New 100% Centrally Assisted Scheme – “Backward District Initiative – R.S.V.Y.  The main aim of this scheme is to solve the problems of Poverty, Low Growth and Poor governance in the Backward districts of the country. Sirsa district is among the 100 district indentified and to implement the scheme.  The funds shall be provided by the Govt.of India to the State Govt. as 100% grant @ Rs.15.00 Crore per year per district for a period of 3 years i.e. total of Rs.45.00 Crores for Sirsa district will be made available.  District Plan has already been approved and we have so far Received funds amounting to Rs.7.50 Crores as 1st Instalment.




                   The main objective of the scheme is to bring about an improvement in the general quality of life in the rural areas; accelerating sanitation coverage in rural area, generating felt need through awareness creation and health education, covering schools in rural areas with sanitation facilities and bringing about a reduction in the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases. An allocation of Rs.5.00 Crores has been made under the scheme and a sum of Rs.32.00 lacs were received and stands utilised so far on start up activities i.e. prelimary surveys, initial publicity etc., IEC, construction of individual households latrines, school sanitation etc.




                   Under the scheme assistance to the individual family is given with maximum bank loan of Rs.50,000/- and 15% subsidy maximum limit of Rs.7500/- is provided for establishing the economic viable unit employment venture.  The Self Help Group is provided subsidy @ 50% with maximum of Rs.1.25 lacs.  For development schemes, funds are provided for environment, improvement of slums, national slum development programme, assistance under 10th Finance Commission for development of various urban areas.





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